Wedding Plan Checklist

The wedding day is every girl’s most awaited event of their life. Every woman goes gaga just by thinking of what wedding dress they will wear. By imagining, it makes you more excited and you want to pull the days of your wedding date. Pressure will surely rise if you don’t plan ahead and organize….

Djembe For Sale

A music lover friend has been asking if we have seen any djembe for sale in the city. Then I got curious what kind of instrument Djembe is about.  As I learned, Djembe is a goblet drum which originated from West Africa.  It is a rope-tuned skin-covered drum instrument which can be hit with bare…

Music and Melodies

Getting the best guitar amp in the market is the right thing to do. If you are a certified music maker having the necessary accessories to create one masterful music for everyone to enjoy, acquiring great music making instruments and accessories is needed.  You need to be conscious in creating your very own signature music….