Need More Memory Space

Last year was music year for me, I started my music blog then keep on playing music every morning with the same selected music tracks repeatedly like a lazy susan turntable.

I’m playing my music at, my selected music and Zoie’s.  We also used our music as a music background when I exercise while Little Zoie is following me on the back ground.  But before the year ends, we stopped because my PC can’t do multi-tasking anymore.  Everything lags if we listen to music while browsing or playing my favorite online game and working on my PC.  It definitely needs a huge memory space right now, as per hubby’s advice.

So, in two days time he’ll be meeting with someone who is selling him a 1GB memory module for our outdated PC.  ^_^  This maybe outdated but this PC has given me more online earnings I never thought I will have.  As far as this PC can hold, we’re still going to use this for a couple more years… I hope.

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