Simply Sweet Party and Gift Ideas

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If you’re like many people today, you have little for going on leisurely shopping trips to purchase gifts for family and friends. That doesn’t mean you don’t have a generous heart and a desire to acknowledge their special day or a special occasion. It’s just that you’re functioning on overload day after day.

A jam-packed schedule can also limit your opportunities for having a party or even for planning a simple social gathering with a few friends. With a little creativity and some dual-purpose party decor, you can enjoy those festive moments without increasing your stress level. Chances are, many of your friends are experiencing the same time crunch that you are. Working together on food preparation and keeping the menu simple is a good way to continue enjoying social gatherings. Choosing a fun theme for a party gives you a specific focus and can simplify the preparation process.

For your next themed party idea, you might consider thinking outside the box and making a candy basket the main attraction of the party table. Bisket Baskets has lots of candy baskets available that can ignite your party theme imagination. A Skittles basket would be a fantastic centerpiece at a child’s party. A basket filled with Ghiradelli chocolates would elevate the elegance of any party table. Simple sweet treats such as M & M’s or Reese’s cups are a great tabletop decor for a nostalgic theme, a movie theme party or almost any party theme you can imagine. Before the guest leave, they can take a treat with them. Using edible party decor lessens the amount of time you have to spend cleaning up party decorations.

You often hear, “Oh, how sweet” after you give someone a gift. Giving a candy bouquet adds new meaning to that phrase. Candy bouquets are bright, cheerful and of course delightfully sweet. Ordering gifts online is a time-saver. You can shop after you put the kids to bed or in the early morning hours before the day gets hectic with family and work activity.

A gift basket filled with sweet treats can delight kids, teens, adults and seniors. A stunning party table and impressive gifts don’t require that you stretch your tight schedule to include time-consuming shopping excursions. A basket of candy is the perfect example of how fun, elegant, thoughtful and impressive simplicity can be.

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