Golf Is a Game with Potential Universal Appeal

Harvey Penick, a name that is closely associated with golf, is famously quoted as saying that ‘golf is a game that is good for everyone, not just a small group of people.’ And the hundreds of thousands of individuals who play golf every single year would agree with this.

It is true that there are individuals who are very talented at the game. They may play on a professional level, or they may play with friends. At times, some think that golf is only a game for individuals who belong to a certain financial status or who can afford to go and play at an expensive club. But the truth is, golf is a relatively straightforward game that can be enjoyed by anyone who is able to go out and visit either a private or a public course.

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Part of the stigma of playing golf has to do with how it was portrayed in the past. A few decades ago, golf was seen as the domain of a privileged few. Golf courses were seen to invite only the rich and famous. They got together to play a game that the rest could not afford to play, and so should not be worried about playing.

However, over the past few decades, society has seen individuals from every walk of life play golf not only at an amateur level, but also on a professional level. This has encouraged more people to want to get out and learn the game.

This increased interest has pleased many golf enthusiasts. Now golf has gone from being something that is set aside for a select few to being a game that the masses enjoy. A younger generation of kids are growing up seeing that golf is fun. They are learning at a young age how to play the game, and they are becoming competitive at it.

Something else that attracts people to golf is that it is a game that is just as difficult if you are playing by yourself or if you are playing on a team. Golf requires both physical and mental capabilities. However, the handicap system makes it possible for individuals with different skill levels to still play against each other in a competitive way.

Golf is enjoyable because a family can go out to a public course and play by themselves, or individuals can go to an expensive golf club, ride around in a golf cart with a high-powered golf cart engine, and enjoy time with their friends and peers.

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