Essential Creative Skills For Your Business

When your business is just beginning, hiring members of staff that can get the basics right is essential. They must have the technical know-how to deliver across your core processes – but once they’ve settled in, will they be able to drive the company forward?

When a business is recruiting, they shouldn’t merely look for candidates that can meet the current job specification. They should also seek out individuals that can think creatively and come up with new ideas, particularly in the following fields.


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Marketing has become much more competitive over the last few years. Instead of just sending out press releases and creating adverts for TV or radio, businesses now have to contend with new digital mediums like online video and social media. In addition, many of these new mediums are very cheap to use, or even free, which means that more organisations can afford to enter the world of marketing than was the case previously.

This added competition means that businesses must be more creative than ever with their marketing in order to stand out from the crowd. In the past, maybe you could get away with a generic cold email campaign asking customers to “buy your stuff,” but not anymore. Marketers are now tasked with creating engaging content that has the potential to go viral, whether it’s a snappy video clip or a 2,000-word blog post.




Creative design skills are another important attribute to have amongst your members of staff, particularly with the range of new design tools now available. Do the employees in your design team know how to create a spot color effect in Premiere Pro or how to develop a customised website template in the WordPress content management system?

Of course, some design skills remain the same as they always have, even with the advent of new technologies. Your staff still need to be able to come up with designs that suit your brand and audience, but also which look fresh and exciting.



Research & Development

For research and development teams (R&D), creativity is a core aspect of the job. If your R&D teams cannot come up with new ideas then the products that they develop will ultimately be bland or rehashes of something that’s come before.

However, innovation in research and development also comes with risk, particularly if an entirely new product or service is being tested, as there’s little way of knowing how consumers will react. Still, you must give your team the freedom to think outside the box if they are to help your company grow.  



Problem solving

Creativity is a useful attribute to have for all businesses because it will be put to the test anytime a problem arises. If the market is shifting or you have a product that isn’t selling as well as you thought it would, the only way to react effectively to the situation is to sit down and think it through.

Make sure that you canvass the opinions and ideas of as many members of staff as you can, because your senior employees do not have a monopoly on good ideas – creativity can be found at all levels of your business.

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