5 Tips for boxing class beginners

There are many great ways that boxing classes can help you get fit. No matter what your goal is or how long you have been working out, mixed martial arts can help you build muscle but also self-love and confidence. If this sounds like something that interests you, consider checking out boxing classes in Baltimore, Maryland. Otherwise, read on to learn more about tips on how boxing classes can help you get in the best shape of your life!

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  • Lose weight. One of the main reasons that people start a fitness routine is to lose weight. Weight loss is a priority that nag many on a daily, and sometimes even hourly basis. Because of the media and how society portrays thin to be the most attractive asset on a person, the idea of losing weight to be “perfect” is a constant obsession for many. Because of this, people turn to fitness routines. Mixed martial arts is more than just a fitness routine, however. It becomes a lifestyle. Discipline, respect, and honor are values that are instilled when involved in boxing classes and while you will lose weight if you are committed, you will also gain a great deal mentally.


  • Better heart health. Boxing will increase your heart rate and thus help your heart practice being under stress. Putting your heart into stressful situations and increasing your heart rate has great benefits to your body. With that said however, be sure to watch your heart rate and make sure that it is within a reasonable range. If you are new to working out, you may not want to push yourself too far too soon. The idea is to keep with the fitness program and over time you will have better heart health.


  • Increased self-esteem. Boxing classes are challenging and can take a lot of out you physically and mentally. Whether you are sparring a bag or another person, boxing requires your full attention as well as strength. Because it is such hard work, it can be challenging to stick with it for a long period of time. Stick with it and you will see that while it is hard work, you will not only notice physical changes but also positive mental changes too. Your self-esteem will increase and you will be happier because of all that you are accomplishing on and off the mat. Just stick with it!


  • Improve hand and eye coordination. When you first begin to box, you may feel inadequate because you lack hand and eye coordination. As with anything, if you stick to it long enough and continue to practice regularly, you will be able to see improvement. The same goes with boxing. If you are sparring another person and miss them because your aim was off, do not let this get to you. Stay on your feet and keep trying. You will make contact and when you do the reward will be all the sweeter!


  • Stay hydrated. One of the ways that you can prep for a great workout is to stay hydrated throughout the day. Always show up to your workout with a cold bottle of water and a towel to help wipe unwanted sweat drops away from your face and body. Be sure to take intermittent breaks so that you can allow your body to rest before the next round.



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