The top 5 accessories in 2017 that can help improve your golf game

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You may have just started playing the game and now you would like to get better at playing. Or maybe you have been playing the sport for a few years now but you feel that you can still become a better player.

Regardless of how long you have been playing the sport, the bottom line is that there is always room for improvement, especially in the world of sports.

But it takes hard work and discipline to get to a higher level. But the good news is that due to technological advancements, the hard work you do can be assisted by gadgets and equipment that can surely improve your game.

Here are the top five accessories you can purchase if you want your golf game to get better.

  1. Garmin Truswing – the key to a good golf game is consistency. You need to make sure that you are consistently doing good shots. Think of the Garmin Truswing as your golf coach but one that you can bring anywhere with you, even when you are on a holiday! Through a sensor, you will be made aware of your faulty swing mechanics and you can make the necessary connections to make improve your game. This product retails for a little more than $200.


  1. Swing Fan Trainer – this is perfect for warming up before a game. Have you ever seen a batter warm up before a game using a weighted bat? Well, this time, air resistance is used and through constant use of this, your arm can develop strength. Just make sure to not overdo it on the first try so that you can allow your arm to adjust.


  1. Nike TW’14 – the importance of the right footwear in golf cannot be emphasized enough. If your footing and stance are not without a good foundation, your game will not be good. With these shoes, the design actually conforms to your foot and has a better ventilation system for those hot days on the course.


  1. Garmin VivoActive – if you download the app, you can have access to more than 30,000 golf courses straight away. You can have the distance from where you are to the hole. Aside from that, you can even use it to keep a scorecard. The great thing about this gadget is that it is also a sports watch and fitness tracker, which means you can use for more than just tracking your golf game.


  1. Motocaddy Trolley – you may seem doubtful that a trolley can improve your golf, but it has more to do with improving your overall health, which is of course important. Research shows that carrying your bag or pulling the trolley can create changes to your shoulder muscles and this, in turn, may affect your golf game. Motocaddy has a whole line of bags and electric trolleys that you can choose from. Check out their products over at

With these accessories and your hard work, your golf game will surely improve soon!


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