5 Basic Facts About Whales

It’s no secret that whales are the gentle giants of the sea; playfully interacting with humans with a mutually shared curiosity. They have a surprisingly fearless interest when it comes to connecting with us and lead interesting lives.

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Playful Friends
It is not uncommon for a whale to come to the surface just to check out passing boats. Some have even gone as far as approaching boats in close enough proximity for humans to reach out and touch them. Diver’s have been able to capture both video and pictures of whales interacting with them at close range. Even kayakers have had whales follow them for hours before disappearing beneath the water’s surface.

Mutual Interest
These animals are truly people-friendly wonders of the deep sea. They boldly explore their interest in humans simultaneously as we also explore these fascinating and amazing creatures. Surfacing to greet people, frolicking with deep sea divers at close range, and curiously following boats are just a few of the different ways that whales interact with their human friends.

Behaviour & Habitat
Many people fear whales. However, you don’t need a tactical holster for these friendly creatures. Believe it or not, whales are mammals. They are warm-blooded animals that feed their young with milk. There are many different species of whales and they inhabit the world’s oceans. Some whales travel long distances from their cold feeding waters to warm breeding waters every year. They often share a communal style of caring for their young as well.

Mating Season
Mating season varies according to the species of the whale. The average pregnancy lasts anywhere from 9-15 months. Whales give birth to one calf at a time and the nursing period is more than a year. This creates a strong bond between the mother and the offspring and ensures a higher probability of survival for the calf.

Communication & Breathing
Whales communicate with each other through a variety of sounds. These sounds can be very loud and can often be heard from many miles away. They also are very active in the water, jumping high in the air and slapping the water with their tails. This is often to warn other whales of nearby danger. They control when they breathe and are considered conscious breathers. They must come to the surface to breathe. They can be incredibly large. In fact, the largest mammal that ever lived is the blue whale. It can be 110 feet long and weigh over 150 tons.

Whales are amazing creatures. Those that have had the pleasure of coming in contact with them have been able to witness this up close. These often friendly mammals are truly the gentle giants of the sea. They Navigate the depths of the ocean with many unique skills and abilities that allow them to communicate and survive in the wild.

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