5 Tips to Buying the Best Stick for Field Hockey

field-hockey-player-girls-game-163526Photo from Pexels.com

Field hockey is a sport I’ve always admired and enjoyed watching. Though, I can probably never play the sport due to being wheelchair bound. However, that fact does not decrease my interest. I can always look into the sport and research about the best playing strategies or the best gear. With that being said, here are 5 tips for buying the best sticks for field hockey.

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5 Tips to Catching the Biggest Fish

Fishing has been one of the best activities to do either alone, with a buddy, or with the whole family. While fishing can look easy, it requires preparation and a good grasp of information about the activity so you can get the best results—in this case, the fish you want to catch. Aside from patience and determination to catch one, you need to be equipped first with the know-how.

fishing-fishing-tacklePhoto from Pexels.com


For people who are fond of catching the biggest fish, there are a number of points to ponder on before heading to the coast. Here are five tips you need so you can catch the biggest one for your next fishing trip.

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5 Reasons to Attend a Public Speaking Training

Public speaking is a highly valued skill anywhere you go. Whether you are at school or at work, having great public speaking skills can help you step up your game. Having great communication skills will help you have more confidence in talking and engaging with the people around you. Being able to express your words verbally will also help people understand more what you are trying to instill in their minds. Suffice it to say, you will get a lot of benefits if you join an expert public speaking training.

speaking seminarsPhoto from Pixabay.com


Here are five reasons why you should join one.

  1. It will help you in your classes.

Regardless of your course, most of your classes will require you to do a formal or informal presentation. When you are presenting ideas to people, you need to be convincing, interesting, and entertaining. If you can hone your public speaking skills, you will surely have a great time and ace all of your classes.

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