5 Ways That Footjoy Golf Shoes Can Help Your Golf Game

As with any sport, having the proper equipment, shoes, and apparel can make all the difference in your overall performance. If you are a new golfer, it is important to find the proper equipment and apparel so that you can be at your best on the green. Shoes are an important item that must fit properly and be comfortable as you will be wearing them all day long while out golfing. Wearing the proper shoes, such as footjoy golf shoes may be the difference between having a mediocre versus great day on the course. This article will highlight some of the ways that these shoes can help with your golf game.


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  • Waterproof. The great part of having waterproof shoes is that you can continue playing your game even in the rain. If you did not have waterproof shoes, your socks and feet would get wet and it would make walking the course very uncomfortable after a period of time. Not to mention, the moisture could cause friction between your socks and shoe which may cause blisters. In addition to the waterproof component, Footjoy also offers a 12 month warranty so you can be confident in your purchase.
  • Durable and great stability. As the number 1 golf shoe in the game for decades, Footjoy makes shoes that are strong and durable and can withstand the test of time. When you invest in these shoes, you can count on having them for a long period of time. The weighted outsole is the component that provides great stability.
  • Comfortable. Built with “fine-tuned foam,” the Footjoy shoe line offers great comfort and can be worn all day long. Other features that contribute to the shoe being made with comfort in mind is the rounded toe, thick insole, and underfoot cushioning. These components together make this shoe the best in the game of golf.
  • Great traction. While playing golf, you will be standing on a variety of surfaces such as grass, pavement, sand, or potentially woods or water. Having traction is important on a pair of golf shoes as you never know what type of terrain you will find yourself playing in. The “TPU” sole combined with the “fine-tuned foam” which makes the outsole great for performance on the golf course.
  • Superb fit. When selecting a pair of golf shoes, it is important to make sure that your foot fits well and that the shoe is comfortable. You will likely be wearing these shoes for several hours a day and in varying climates. For example, you could tee off early in the morning as the sun is coming up and while the temperatures are cool. However, as the day goes on, the temperature will rise and because of that, your feet may swell up some. Your shoe should be able to adjust to these conditions and still remain comfortable and a good fit.


No matter how long you have been playing golf, everyone knows that finding a comfortable, waterproof, and durable pair of golf shoes is imperative to playing a good game.

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