Throwing a Backyard Summer Party Your Kids Will Love

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When the school year is over, many kids are happy to get out of classes but sad about leaving their friends. At the same time, parents may dread finding ways to entertain their kids during the summer period, especially if they’re not going to camp. One great solution to this is to encourage kids to work on throwing a backyard summer party. This will allow them to see and catch up with their friends, and allowing them to plan it themselves will keep them busy. Plus, by having the kids plan the party themselves, the party can be affordable at any budget.

First, encourage your kids to think about food and drinks and to learn how to prepare them. Don’t let them spend a ton of money on chips, soda, and ice cream. Instead, let them look up recipes and prepare their own lemonade, popsicles, and sandwiches. This cuts costs, but more importantly, it teaches them valuable life skills. Encourage your kids to be creative and come up with interesting dishes to share. They’ll remember the experience and lessons long after the party is over.

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Simply Sweet Party and Gift Ideas

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If you’re like many people today, you have little for going on leisurely shopping trips to purchase gifts for family and friends. That doesn’t mean you don’t have a generous heart and a desire to acknowledge their special day or a special occasion. It’s just that you’re functioning on overload day after day.

A jam-packed schedule can also limit your opportunities for having a party or even for planning a simple social gathering with a few friends. With a little creativity and some dual-purpose party decor, you can enjoy those festive moments without increasing your stress level. Chances are, many of your friends are experiencing the same time crunch that you are. Working together on food preparation and keeping the menu simple is a good way to continue enjoying social gatherings. Choosing a fun theme for a party gives you a specific focus and can simplify the preparation process.

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Simple Ways to Entertain at a Family Reunion

Inviting your family members over for a summertime reunion is an excellent way to find out what happened to everyone earlier in the year and to reminisce about all the fun you had over the years. Hosting a potluck is a great way to ensure that you never run out of food. Ask your guests to bring their own drinks, chairs and a dish to pass around and share. Once you’re done with the meal, you can avoid any lulls or awkward silences with some fun games and activities that everyone will love.

Scavenger Hunt

A treasure hunt is a game where you make a series of clues. Teams go from one clue to the next until they reach a prize at the end. Putting together one of these hunts can take you hours or more, but you can put together a scavenger hunt much easier. Create a list of easy and hard to find items around the venue, divide your family into multiple teams and give the teams an hour to find as many things from that list as possible. The team who finds the most items wins a prize of your choosing.

Cornhole Championship

Cornhole is a fun game that you can make into a championship competition. Divide your family into teams, and create a bracket that shows who beat who. Keep pitting teams against each other until one team finally comes out on top. Make the game even more fun with the right cornhole supplies. You can shop for customized boards that feature your favorite team or colors on the front, bean bags in decorative colors and even scoring products that help you keep score. You may want to invest in a few lights that attach to the boards for playing after dark.

Match the Baby Picture

Ask your loved ones to bring one of their baby pictures to your reunion. Spread those pictures out on a picnic table. Place a number next to or on top of each photograph. Pass out sheets that have numbers down the front with a blank line next to each number. Ask your family members to identify the person in each picture. Award prizes to those who get the most right. Using fun games and activities like these is an easy way to ensure your family has an amazing time at your next reunion.