Taking Care of Your Trumpet

I don’t know how to play any musical instruments, but it doesn’t I don’t like music at all, that’s why I got curious how my little sister takes care of her newly bought violin.

My little sister doesn’t have any background or any music lessons learned regarding how to play a violin but she still bought the musical instrument.  She’s a frustrated violinist.

Actually I’m a frustrated musical instrument player too. ^_^  She might want to learn how to play a violin, as for me I wanted to learn how to play a trumpet, slide trumpets perhaps .  I’m more of a wind instrument fan.  But would you believe that you don’t need any cleaning kit for your trumpet?  Or even clean it?

It is said that you only need to do 2 things to your trumpet, simply oil the valves and grease the slides.  It only needs valve oil (twice a week) and slide grease (once a month), not a whole cleaning kit.  Also, you don’t even need to wash it. ^_^

Well, that’s an information for me, and for you as well.  So, if any body offers you to buy a cleaning kit for your newly bought trumpet, decline.  Expert say that you only need valve oil and slide grease.



source:  zacharymusic.com

Accessorize for Fashion

Fashion is not only for fashionistas.

It is for everyone.

Everyone who wears something, from head to feet, may it be a part of your office uniform, medical uniform, working uniform, and even school uniform.

You can add accessories in whatever you wear, casuals to uniforms.  You can make it fun, chic and classy.  Simply pick the right accessories for your outfit.

Here are a few tricks. ^_^

  • Less accessories is more.
  • Sterling jewelries goes with almost every outfit.
  • Do not overdo wearing accessories. You can not over accessorize if you’re at work.

I love to accessorize but I don’t overdo it.  Sometimes a simple pair of earrings with a bracelet can do the trick for me. ^_^

Taylor Swift In Billboard’s Top Money Maker 2012

The country pop artist, Taylor Swift, landed the first spot of Billboard’s list of Money Makers for 2012.

So far, she earned at least $35 million dollars from her U.S. tour, publishing royalties, and album sales, excluding her sponsorship deals and endorsements.

Although, the country singer has much to share to her fans that’s why they are supporting her every step of the way making her the top earners as per Billboard’s list.

Artists among the top 10 list includes: U2, Lady Gaga, Bon Jovi, Celine Dion and many more.  Will be sharing the whole Top 40 list in my music blog. ^_^


source: popcrush.com