Deleting Unnecessary Files

Our hosting provider has warned us for almost reaching the maximum limit of our hosting file count.

Honestly, I don’t have any idea what it is about because I am not the one who is in-charge of our hosting.  I am only in-charge of adding newly bought blogs and install WordPress, just the simple tasks with regards to our hosting account.

But as I was adding some new domains a while ago, I noticed that our file count was highlighted in red that’s why I asked my best friend if there’s something wrong.  As checked it turns out to be we’re almost exceeding our limit in our hosting account and before anything goes wrong, she contacted our hosting technical support, also advised me if I could delete some unnecessary files or else we’ll be suspended.

Good thing, I noticed it soon… now, I’m busy deleting unnecessary files from my blogs and updating some posts at the same time. ^_^

When Is The Next PR Update?

If you’re in blogging this will definitely a moment to wait…

As far as the blogging world knows, there are inconsistencies on when will MR. G will update every websites’ PageRanks.  But since there are a lot of Direct Advertisers looking for good PRs, I can’t help but make MR. G update PRs now. ^_^  Hopefully when he updates, it will be for my benefits or everybody’s blogs’ benefits.  We’ll be missing income opportunities a lot if our PRs goes down, right?

Let’s see when’s the update next…

Need More Memory Space

Last year was music year for me, I started my music blog then keep on playing music every morning with the same selected music tracks repeatedly like a lazy susan turntable.

I’m playing my music at, my selected music and Zoie’s.  We also used our music as a music background when I exercise while Little Zoie is following me on the back ground.  But before the year ends, we stopped because my PC can’t do multi-tasking anymore.  Everything lags if we listen to music while browsing or playing my favorite online game and working on my PC.  It definitely needs a huge memory space right now, as per hubby’s advice.

So, in two days time he’ll be meeting with someone who is selling him a 1GB memory module for our outdated PC.  ^_^  This maybe outdated but this PC has given me more online earnings I never thought I will have.  As far as this PC can hold, we’re still going to use this for a couple more years… I hope.